You and Your Bot: Bots from Around The World Part 2

The amazing submissions of Bots photos sent in by Bot owners from around the world. In this post: India, Oregon, Las Vegas, Georgia, and Poughkeepsie

Patricia R.M send in this great photo of her and her Love Bot at Teh Taj Mahal


A strange and beautiful photo from Sarah H. in Central Oregon



Denise C, with her Love Bot from Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas


Lindsey C with her pre tennis match Joy Bot in Lilburn Georgia

George S. from Poughkeepsie NY writes "My wonderful Joy Bot arrived a few weeks ago. Here he is in his new home. After a nasty little tumble on my bike last year, I'm bringing him along for good luck. Here he is looking out of the mesh pocket of my top tube bag at the world going by at 20 mph"