What Brings Portland Joy? Bots #108-140

What Brings Portland Joy?  I was curious so I created an interactive art experiment designed to answer that question. Throughout the month of March I am leaving 200 Joy Bots  in random locations (see below) throughout the city of Portland, each with a set of simple instructions attached.

The goal is to document what brings Portland Joy, and to give a little joy back to the city that I love so much. People that find a Bot are invited to photograph their Joy Bot with something that brings them Joy (object, animal, person, idea, anything), and to send in their photograph and story to help me create an on-line “What Brings Portland Joy” exhibition . Finally participants are invited to leave their Bot in another random location in Portland to continue the experiment.


Below are where I left Bots #108-140

Click here to see the updated results: What Brings Portland Joy 2012