What Brings Vegas Joy?

(Leaving Bots all over Las Vagas this week, heres is what folks will see when they find a Bot)

Congratulations you have found a Joy Bot! This hand-painted domino is part of a city wide art project by artist Gary Hirsch. The goal of the project is to document what brings Las Vegas Joy. We did a similar project in Portland , and Austin If you found one of the random Bots placed all over Las Vegas then you can participate. Here is how you play:

1. Take your found Bot and photograph it next something (anything) that personally brings you Joy (object, person, animal, idea….). After you snap your photo send it, along with a few sentences that tells us where you found your Bot and a short description of your photo (why does this bring you Joy). E-mail your photo and description to gary@oyf.com

2. We will collect and post images in a ‘What Brings Las Vegas Joy” on-line gallery. Here is the gallery we made for Portland and for Austin

3. Lastly, take your Joy Bot and leave it in another random Las Vegas location as a gift for another stranger (or give it to a friend) so they can document their own object of joy and continue the process. We’ll see how many times a Bot can be passed on from person to person. After you send in your photo I will notify you when it gets posted in the gallery so you can track it’s progress. That’s it, it’s easy! Can’t wait to see What Brings Vegas Joy! Thank you for playing!

Special thanks to my friends at Trifecta Art Gallery who are secretly helping to leave Bots all over Vegas….damn did I just give away the secret?!!!