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Bot Collaboration is bigger in Texas


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There is a very cool art show in Dallas called the Vinyl Thoughts show.  The organizer, Shelby Miller, asked if the Bots might be part of the fun. We landed on a collaborative Bot experiment were I would paint 400 Brave Bots (but only half way) and then artists from the show would finish them with their creative brilliance. These would then be donated to kids at a local children’s hospital, similar to what I am doing here in Portland. In early Sept I sent the 400 half crafted Brave Bots down south and Shelby held a gathering at Artful Mayhem Studio for the first ever cross state Bot collaboration (I Skyped in from Oregon):

Two weeks later a sample of the 400 Co-Created Brave Bots were on display at the very cool Vinyl Thoughts show which featured some of the most amazing hand painted toy art in the county (I flew down to Dallas for the show and was treated like a rock start!).

The next day we donated the Bots to kids at Children’s Medical Center to give them a little boost of courage when things get scary. We made some Bots there with kids and voluteers and where even interviewed on the in-house network (Thank you Ryan Seacrest!). It was an amazing two days in Big D! A huge thank you to all of the artists that donated their time and amazing talent to this experiment!

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