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Bots Help Texas Bring The Joy

A guest blog from Tracy Evans of the Texas Art Teachers Association

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Note From Gary: There are hundreds of bots being made all over the world. I probably only know about a fraction of these.The amazing folks at The Texas Art Teachers Association discovered them this year. Here is a guest blog from Tracy Evans of TEAE:

I had the JOY and privilege to introduce elementary art teachers from across the state of Texas to Botjoy at our state art teacher convention in Galveston this past weekend! To say it was a HUGE hit is an understatement!

As the Elementary Division Chair, I am to present a division meeting during our annual conference. This year my Chair-Elect, Amanda Batson, introduced me to Botjoy after I had mentioned that this seemed to be a time of great stress and anxiety. Not only among our students, but teachers, parents and families as well. I just wanted to start their day with uplifting, positive thoughts and a common goal of spreading JOY! That’s when Amanda directed me to Gary Hirsch and his army of uplifting domino bots! Wow! I was hooked and knew this is what I was seeking!

 We were able to show the site on our projector and let the art teachers hear how this all began from the creator himself. Most of our art teachers logged onto their personal devices and started researching more info during the meeting because they were so excited by the potential of this movement! We wanted them to read all about how Gary is not just sharing joy, but also bravery, love, inspiration and hope! This resonated with all my teacher friends as they agree everyone seems to be anxiety filled right now and this adorable army of love, inspiration, joy, bravery and hope gave us the tools to uplift and share!


 Our theme of our division meeting was “What Brings You Joy?” We took videos snippets of teachers responding to this prompt, we have domino placemats for them to write their response if they did not want to be on camera, and had shirts printed as door prizes! We now have teachers wanting a botjoy shirt to help promote this joyous movement!


 We hope you have now been inspired to share JOY, love, bravery, kindness, love and hope! We have posted our video (see above)We hope you enjoy watching as much as we had creating and presenting Botjoy!


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