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 You found a Botjoy!

How to program your Bot!

You are one of the lucky few that has found a Botjoy.  These Bots are hand-painted by artist Gary Hirsch. He paints thousands and leaves them on the streets of cities all over the world as gifts for random strangers. This Bot is programmed to give you outrageous compliments, remind you of how awesome you are, and help you celebrate the things that bring you joy!

Bot left on the street of Portland OR. Found and photograph with this persons joy object: Red Hippo.

Here is how to program your Botjoy:

  1. Think about what brings you joy (a person, place, thing, idea, etc.) 
  2. Photograph your Botjoy with the thing that brings you joy. 
  3. Post the photo on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and describe why this thing brings you joy. Use #botjoy  when you post. This is our growing gallery of images that celebrate what brings joy to the world
  4. Let your Bot hang out with you for a day or two, listen carefully while it showers you with compliments, then...
  5. Leave your Bot somewhere else for a new person to find and keep the cascade of joy going!

Learn more at

Below are few Bots that have been found (location of where they were left is on the left side of the image and what brings the finder joy is on the right). All of these Bots have been re-released out into the world to bring joy to others.

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