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La Paz Children’s Hospital - Madrid

Can art help the world (even in tiny ways)? In my quest to find out, I am just back from an amazing Bot tour to Spain. I collaborated with an lovely artist who took me up on my offer to “steal my idea”, contributed to an amazing genetics research project, painted in a graffiti garden, marked up a small office in the country, and left Bots on the streets of Madrid: Here are the highlights:

About 6 months ago I was contacted by a Spanish art/illustrator Maria Cuestra who was excited about making her own Bots and leaving them around Spain. I was thrilled. These little dominos seem to help in strange and wonderful ways and I can’t make enough of them. But what was even more exciting was being invited by Maria to paint a special mural in Madrid at the La Paz Children’s Hospital as part an amazing genetics research project Mi Robot X

This project creates cloud based diagnosis for genetic diseases that currently have no diagnosis. Really amazing stuff. Maria and I painted a mural at the hospital as a launch for the project and to raise awareness. There are two questions for the community embedded in the design of these Bots, ‘What’s your super power?” and “Who helps you be brave?” It was a wonderful experience!

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