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University of Michigan Hospitals Program Bots for Bedside Art Program

Guest blog from

Elaine Reed

Bedside Art Program Coordinator - Gifts of Art

University of Michigan Health System

Bot Buddies are proof that good things come in small packages! Michigan Medicine’s patients, families and staff, with the help of the Gifts of Art Bedside Art Program and artist Gary Hirsch’s Botjoy project, are turning dominos into joyful robot friends. From a Bot maker, “I am going to put it on my window sill so I can look at him every day. He makes me smile.”

Get one – Make one - Give one is the motto of the Bot Buddy project.  Create a Bot Buddy and share it with someone you think could use a buddy.  In return, Bot Buddies bring together the community at the hospitals in creating a domino effect of positive power.

For the over 5,000 patients and families a year the Gifts of Art Bedside Art Program visits, #BotJoy is working its magic at Michigan Medicine.

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