• Questions For Humans Murals

    5 murals Commissioned by The Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland Oregon

    Questions For Humans

    This is an interactive mural project designed to be a launch pad for Portland Oregon to share ideas, dreams, and inspiration is complete!


    I love making art that is interactive, collaborative, and that helps in some way. These murals are an experiment in playing with these ideas. The project takes place on four different walls (each created with questions around a different theme) in SE Portland

    Robots Asking Questions.

    This project was made possible by a generous grant from The Regional Arts and Culture Council and with donations from Miller Paint and AM/PM PR.


    The walls have a series of hand-painted Bot figures, each with a simple question embedded into its design. Viewers interact with the art by using photography and hash tags #botjoy and #botpdx to answer the Bot questions, creating an on-line, city-wide gallery of reflections, ideas, and beliefs.

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  • Brave Bots Help Young Hospital Patients Overcome Challenges​


    On the wall of the outpatient waiting room at Randall Children's Hospital in Portland is an installation of 990 Brave Bots, put there to help young patients and visitors find a little courage when they visit the hospital. Each patient is also given their own individual Brave Bot when they are admitted. You can read more about the project here

  • Brave Bots For an Audience of 3,000

    A presentation and project for the World Domination Summit

    Launching Brave Bots at The World Domination Summit

  • London Collaboration

    What happens when ideas collide? Often magic! Here is a collaborative mural I did in London with artist Marc Craig.

  • Botjoy Mural 2017 Portland, OR

    What Brings You Joy?

  • More Botjoy, Big and Small

    Slide right or left to explore Botjoy projects around the world!

    Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

    After 18 months of planning with the amazing staff at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Brave Bots have landed on the 10th floor outside of the Oncology Clinic.


    We had a great “Bot Launch”, gave out small Brave Bots to kids and families and cut the ribbon on 3, 6ft Mural sized Bots, each ask a bravery question:

    • Who Helps You Be Brave? 
    • What’s The Bravest Thing You’ve Ever Done? 
    • What’s Your Super Power?

    What Brings you Joy?

    Since 2010 I have been leaving Bots in various cities during my travels. I leave Joy Bots as gifts for random strangers to find on the streets. They take a picture of their Bot with something that brings them joy and then leave it  on the street for someone else to find.

    La Paz Children’s Hospital - Madrid

    I was contacted by a Spanish art/illustrator Maria Cuestra who was excited about making her own Bots and leaving them around Spain. I was thrilled.


    These little dominos seem to help in strange and wonderful ways and I can’t make enough of them. But what was even more exciting was being invited by Maria to paint a special mural in Madrid at the La Paz Children’s Hospital as part an amazing genetics research project Mi Robot X

    Pink Hat Hope Bots

    The Pink Hat Hope Bot was inspired by my participation in the 2017 Woman's March. All profits from the sale of this Bot go towards donated supplies and costs to host community Bot making parties, where strangers connect, talk, and make art for people that need help in these uncertain times


    La Tabacalaria - Madrid

    There is a community cultural center and street art garden in Madrid where I was invited to add to the gallery by painting a mural. 


    La Tabacerla was a former tobacco factory that now is is a self-organized social center, a space for theatre, music, dance, painting, conferences, meetings, audiovisuals workshops, events, neighborhood actions

    New Mural in Portland

    After being tagged and painted over The SE 11th Ave Bot mural is back in Portland

  • Get a Bot here

    Here is a confession: The least interesting way for me to put Bots out in the world is to sell them, but enough people have asked to get them this way that I created a shop. They are pretty expensive and take some time to get to you. The proceeds of the sales on Etsy go to funding my Bot donations and Bot making events. The donations are for folks that need a bot (so I send them one) the Bot parties are free events where I supply the materials and people make Bots for others that might need one.

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