Steal This Idea: Build More Bots, Help More People

I love plagiarism! from Sandy F. in Vancouver B.C. "I gave my bot to my 5 year old son, (he needs bravery as he is learning to ride a bike) and he loves his bot. In fact, he made me one out of cardboard so I can be brave too. See attached and please don't sue for patent infringement!"


Steal this idea! Really! Make your very own BOT.

For over  the past four years I have been making these little domino robots. I have made thousands (27,809 as of this writing). I make them because for some reason, that I don’t completely understand, them seem to help. They bring people joy, help you feel a  bit braver, help people have little conversations with themselves that they might not have otherwise. But I am a bottleneck, I can’t make enough of them, and there are a lot of people that could use a little joy, courage, love, and friendship in their lives.

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