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    Make your own Bot!

    Who in your community could use some help? Create a small Bot and make a huge difference!


    In 2014 I "Let go" of the Bots and invited the world to make them too. To your left you'll find a step-by-step video describing how to make your own Bot. Letting the Bots go has reaped some of the biggest surprises and delights of my life. Here is a sample of what people all over the world are doing with the Bots:

    • First graders making Brave Bots for ambulance drivers to give out to sick/hurt kids!
    • Product Designers making Silly Bots to help someone lighten up and have fun!
    • Second graders making  Discovery Bots for scientists and astronauts!
    • Forth graders making Idea Bots and sending them to writers to help them with writers block!
    • Peace Bots from an international peace organization
    • Artists from Paris, Madrid and Tokyo making and giving their own Bots

    There are now hundreds of Bots being made all over the world, everyday demonstrating how art can help.


    Sign up for updates and Bot announcements below. Come join the Bot Army and make a Bot!





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